Welcome to Flask Demo

Some demos for fun. All linked below, including this site itself are served using python based Flask application served by apache
  1. Simple Hello page
    Hello there!!

  2. Smart Hello page. We pass a variable 'shantanu' to the page through the URL.
    Hello Shantanu

  3. Wordgame. We pass a word 'hundred' to the application and it returns us the number of words it could make from our word.
    Wordgame: How many words can you make from the work 'hundred'?

  4. country.txt We call for a file name 'country.txt', first as a text file, then json data, and finally as html page. the same data is served in three different formats.
    country.txt in text/csv format.
    country.txt in json data format.
    If you are using Unix, try the following command on yor terminal:
    $ curl -s 'http://flask-demo.python-for.life/country?format=json' | jq '.[]|.Country'
    country.txt as a html table.