Work Todo

2016 Process Improvements

  1. Set up New Long Running job Alerts
  2. Set up PriceSync script to enable hourly sync of modified files between Active Pricing Server and Backup Pricing Server
  3. Develop a better Process for Requesting AATA Scheduling Changes using the aj script
  4. Set Up a Dynamic Scheduling Flow to run …
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Pelican Todo

List of Articles to write

  1. Documentation for pelican

    1. Folder structure
    2. Content, Themes, Output
    3. command to run and compile
  2. Documentation on qmail

    1. How to install qmail.
    2. what is maildir
    3. How to check if the services are up.
    4. How to start everything up.
  3. bit bucket

    1. How to set up a new repo …
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