2016 Process Improvements

  1. Set up New Long Running job Alerts
  2. Set up PriceSync script to enable hourly sync of modified files between Active Pricing Server and Backup Pricing Server
  3. Develop a better Process for Requesting AATA Scheduling Changes using the aj script
  4. Set Up a Dynamic Scheduling Flow to run Non-BNYM user Bank Copies and other weekend Processes using the Data File controlled mechanism.

On-going Process Improvements

  1. Migrating Filewatchers from PriceProd2 to autosys.
  2. Migrating Filewatchers from bnymprice2 to autosys.

Add Features to autojil

-tic            Change the discription to Added/Changed depending upon new job or updated job
Add quotes to Description STDOUT, STDERR and PROFILE

Autosys Demo for Automation and Engineering

  1. Capabilities: central scheduler for all servers.
  2. Comparison to cron (monitored, etc;)
  3. Advantages:
    1. Centrally Managed system.
    2. Ops watch 24x7
    3. Errors are recorded in Tickets.
    4. Dedicated Scheduling Team to maintain the scheduler
  4. GUI overview
  5. Future - iDash, control more machines
  6. Examples of succesful implementations:
    1. Invest One batch: Currently runs ~28,000 jobs for InvestOne Xamin and Decalog.
    2. DBA - over 750+ DBA jobs centrally managed for The DBA’s
    3. System Backups - Autosys coordinates with Net Backup Scheduler to control how many jobs of what kind can run at a time)
    4. SDE / Data Link - Autosys coordinates with Enterprise Scheduler to run SDE with Batch